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Westlake ALPS Completes Credit Facility

Westlake ALPS Completes Credit Facility Featured

Westlake Advanced Lending & Portfolio Services, a division of Westlake Financial Services, announced the completion of a $2.5 million revolving credit line facility with Wholesale Direct, LLC in Greenville, S.C.Westlake ALPS’s credit facility will supplant U.S. Auto Credit, Auto Bank and Automotive Finance Corp. as Wholesale Direct’s exclusive funding source. This will allow the company to accelerate receivables’ growth for the next two years.Westlake Financial Services’ ALPS division specializes in providing revolving credit lines to independent dealers throughout the U.S., as well as performing and distressed subprime loan portfolio acquisitions from buy-here, pay-here dealerships and finance companies.
Last modified on Monday, 12 February 2018 22:53