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NIADA Partners with Lyft

NIADA Partners with Lyft Featured

Lyft Inc. has joined with the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association as NIADA's latest National Member Benefit partner. The partnership provides NIADA dealer members with referral incentives and improved transportation solutions for customers while also supporting Lyft's efforts to expand its driver community. NIADA member dealerships can sign up to be a Lyft referral partner and receive bonuses for each driver they refer. Customers who sign up for the program will also receive a bonus shortly after they begin driving for Lyft, which they can put toward their down payment and monthly costs of purchasing a vehicle.In addition, Lyft's Concierge program offers NIADA members an easy, reliable and inexpensive way to provide transportation for customers whose vehicles are laid up in service. Concierge enables the dealership to request rides for its customers to get where they need to go while their car is being serviced.
Last modified on Monday, 12 February 2018 22:51