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Families Find Cars Too Small

Families Find Cars Too Small Featured

A recent survey found that moms and dads shuttling multiple children around in sedans are less satisfied with their cars than those driving larger capacity minivans and SUVs. The survey found 21 percent of sedan owners said their car does not meet their family's needs, while only 7 percent of both minivan and SUV owners reported dissatisfaction with their cars. Of all the respondents reporting that their current primary car does not meet their families' driving needs, 62 percent said it's because their car is too small. The majority of parents with middle-school-aged kids report they are driving their kids to and from school or extra-curricular activities at least 5 days per week. One-in-three middle school parents reported spending 4 hours or more per week driving their kids around. Cumulatively, that's more than 8 days of driving per year, or the equivalent of two round trips from Boston to San Diego. When families with multiple children were asked which feature would be of primary importance when considering purchasing a family car today, price, safety, cargo capacity and fuel economy ranked the highest out of 12 features. Family-friendly features such entertainment technology and video screens, and convenience features such as an automatic tailgate lift were of least importance to most parents. Resale value was also not a high priority for families with multiple children.
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