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Autotrader, Tapad Reveal Study Results

Autotrader, Tapad Reveal Study Results Featured

Tapad recently revealed findings from a campaign conducted with Autotrader that showed Autotrader's premium audience, combined with the Tapad Device Graph, delivered significant audience extension across desktop, mobile, and tablet to drive awareness and maximize both reach and delivery across screens.
To help analyze shopping behaviors across multiple devices, the global automotive brand for this campaign turned to Autotrader and Tapad, who created a cross-device pre-roll video strategy with a focus on viewability, concentrating on potential customers already searching for vehicles. By using a one-to-one connection, instead of look-alike modeling, Tapad also ensured that the automotive brand discovered only new consumers across all of their devices.
This approach discovered a new potential audience of more than 14 million consumers, eliminated communication waste and the risk of duplicates, increased overall performance, and ensured more of the campaign dollars reached meaningful audiences. Overall, this case study represents a leap forward in terms of audience-based targeting and the highly sought-after multi-touch attribution modeling.

Last modified on Wednesday, 06 September 2017 16:48
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