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Bad Grades for Auto Repair Industry

Bad Grades for Auto Repair Industry Featured

A new survey of 515 car owners across the U.S. showed what many have long known: traditional car repair is a time-consuming, inconvenient task. The survey, which has a 95 percent confidence level and a 5 percent error margin, goes beyond prevailing thinking and suggests that some 62 percent of car owners dread the process to such a high degree that they postpone necessary repair and maintenance check-ups. The average distance travelled according to the survey, was approximately six miles and the time consumed for about half of respondents was more than an hour.
Finally the survey showed that over five out of six respondents who drive to work would prefer that their employers take the inconvenience out of car repair and provide basic diagnostic check-ups twice annually at their home or office. Coupled with another survey finding that showed one out of four cars failed to start over a 12-month period, the service could be mutually beneficial in ensuring that cars stay up and running and reducing lost work time.

Last modified on Tuesday, 12 September 2017 22:05
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